"Wine Emptied into Canal
Thousand Gallons of Contraband poured into the Farmers Co-Operative Canal Friday

July 7, 1921, Emmett Index:
"Approximately 1000 gallons of red wine, pure and unadulterated, so 'tis said, were poured into the Farmers Co-operative canal Friday. There were 27 barrels, ranging in capacity from 30 to 50 gallons, and several kegs of it. "The liquor was confiscated by officers of the law in a raid upon the Harry Pratt cellar and held in storage at the court house and city hall and held as evidence in the trial of the case.

"It is reported that upon receiving news of the pouring of the liquor into the canal, more people living along the banks of the stream decided they were in need of a bath than ever before since Heck was a pup. Kirk Landers reported that his son-in-law, Chauncey Payne, who was in town during the pouring, at once bought a bathing suit and broke all speed records in going home, running down half a dozen jack rabbits and reaching his domicile two hours ahead of his fleet footed dog.

"One rancher reported that numerous cows and horses were in a high state of hilarity, that suckers, carp and eels were spinning around on their tails on top of the water and doing the shimmie; that a mouse took a drink and hollered for someone to bring on a whole drove of tomcats, while a rabbit took three gulps, then sat up on his haunches and issued a challenge to all the bull dogs in Gem county for a finish fight for the championship of the world."

Emmett Index, July 7, 1921 at chroniclingamerica

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