Walter Knox

From "History of Idaho, The Gem of the Mountains," Vol. III, pg., 310-311. The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. Chicago, 1920.

Walter Knox, a representative of one of the old pioneer families of Gem county was born on the Knox ranch a mile below Emmett on the 2d of September, 1873 and is the fourth child and third son of Douglas and Margaret Knox, mentioned elsewhere in this work. He was reared on the home ranch to the age of twenty years and early became familiar with the best methods of tilling the soil and caring for the crops. Since that time he has been dependent upon his own resources and in 1893 he and his two brothers, Clayton and De Loss, purchased the Dick and Tom Williams ranch on Haw creek, seven miles north of Emmett. Walter Knox later acquired by purchase the interests of his brothers in this property, which contained about six hundred acres of land, one-half of which was under cultivation. It was devoted to dry farming, but the land produced good crops of alfalfa and grain and Walter Knox remained upon that ranch from 1893 until 1910, being the sole owner for the greater part of that period. In addition to the cultivation of grain and alfalfa he also raised many head of cattle and sheep, but eventually sold his ranch property at a good price and removed to Emmett in order to secure educational opportunities for his children.

Prior to this Mr. Knox had acquired a good home property in Emmett, the house which he now occupies having been built in 1907. Previous to 1910 his wife and children had occupied the residence during the school year, while he remained alone upon the ranch. He did not find this a pleasant way to live, however, being seperated from his wife and children for about three-fourths of the year, so he sold the ranch in 1910 and since that time they have all occupied town house, which is a comfortable home, standing in the midst of a half-acre of ground and completely enclosed by a well kept boxwood fence. The dwelling contains ten rooms with modern equipment and there is a considerable amount of fruit on the place, together with beautiful shrubbery, flowers and gardens and a well kept lawn that renders the home very attractive.

On the 25th of August, 1897, Mr. Knox was married in Emmett to Miss Carrie May Fulton, who was born in Pennsylvania and came to Idaho with her parents when she was about seven years of age. Her birth occurred in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1878, her parents being Hugh and Elizabeth Fulton. Her father died September 13, 1897, but her mother still resides in Emmett. Walter Knox and his wife have six living children: Harry, born June 23, 1898; Willard Alvin, who was born March 22, 1900, and on the 10th of June, 1919, married Freda Kessel, of Emmett; Guy, born February 22, 1902; Raymond, January 9, 1906; Margaret, December 22, 1913; and Robert Thomas, January 9, 1919. They also lost one son, Ancil, who was born December 20, 1903, and passed away June 18, 1919, his death being occasioned by pneumonia following an attack of influenza.

Knox is a loyal supporter of the Masonic fraternity and of the Independent Order Odd Fellows and is a past grand in the local lodge of the latter. His wife is connected with the Rebekah degree and both belong to the American Yeoman. Mr. Knox is a democrat in his political views and for two years served as county commissioner of Gem county, making a creditable record in that position. He is always loyal to every interest that has to do with the welfare and progress of his community, and like the other representatives of the Knox family, is held in high regard in section of the state in which his entire life has been passed.

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