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Baalam Fox (1845-1925), Civil War veteran, stage driver. Buried at Sweet. Story by Kennie Lynn Klingback
1973, Ed Schultz, Ola Postmaster retires after 28 years
1922, August: Pioneer Reunion, includes Emmett's Firsts & registration book
The Payette River Road, early route to the Boise Basin
Prohibition in Idaho, 1916-1933
1921, July 7: Wine Emptied into Canal
1913, August: First Train Ride to Smith's Ferry
History of Cherry Festival
bio of John H. Talley
"Hammer and Drill," "The Other Idahoans/Forgotten Stories of Boise Valley," vol. 7. Boise State University, 2016. (Pearl)

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Polk's Idaho State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1914
Biography of Hon. Frank W. Hunt
Black Canyon Dam
History - Esmond Stage Stop
Updated and Expanded Pearl Index

History of Gem County and Emmett by James H. Hawley, 1920

Biography of Henry C. Riggs

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