Pearl and the Westview Mining District

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Pearl, excerpt from Merle W. Wells -- Gold Camps & Silver Cities/Nineteenth Century Mining in Central and Southern Idaho. Idaho Department of Lands, Bureau of Mines & Geology, Moscow, Idaho, 1983. (p. 73-74)
The Mining Districts of the Idaho Basin and the Boise Ridge, by Waldemar Lindgren, 1898
    Mining Districts of the Idaho Basin and the Boise Ridge, 1898 (map)
    Mining Districts, Willow Creek and Rock Creek (map)
1899 Mining Report
Pearl in the early 1900's
Pearl Mining District, by Robert Bell, Former Idaho Inspector of Mines; includes story of discovery; "Boise Capital News," Boise, Idaho, Saturday, August 31, 1935
1904 Mining Report, Pearl District
"Hammer and Drill," "The Other Idahoans/Forgotten Stories of Boise Valley," vol. 7. Boise State University, 2016.
Pearl on (off-site)

Pearl Cemetery

Maps and Photos

Mining Districts of the Idaho Basin and the Boise Ridge, 1898 (map)
Mining Districts, Willow Creek and Rock Creek (map)
1897 county line survey showing Westview Mining District, Book 1, p. 33, County Records
1902, Pearl
1902 Pearl map, reconstructed
1903, Checkmate Mine , (photo) includes Rush Van Horton, Fred Turner, Charlie Charlton, Jim Roarabou, unknowns
1909, Lincoln Mine, pictured Neil Macaskill; Thomas Ryan; Fred Turner, foreman; Charlie Charlton; Big Dan Macaskill; John Pushman; George Franklin; Merrill Turner, small boy; Don Turner, boy; Thomas O'Neil; Jimmie O'Neil; Pokey Hauntis; Robert Thirl; Harry Hazelton; Mike Munan; Fred Turner.
Early 20th Century postcard, "Miner near Pearl" (Neil MacAskill)
Pearl Hoist Room, probably Checkmate, (photo)
1939 Metsker Map of Pearl area

Pearl Newspaper Clippings

1896, Pearl butchers close shop & another rich strike in the Checkmate, Caldwell Tribune, July 25, 1896
1897, ad for Stage Line to Pearl, H. Cox, proprietor; Graham & J. C. Shepherd, Pearl ticket agents; The Caldwell Tribune, May 1, 1897
1897, Mrs. Gould, Pearl store keeper visits Caldwell, The Caldwell Tribune, May 29, 1897
Plowman vs. LeVan Suit, A. Cox remembers 1897 Pearl Mining District suit
1903, W. C. Emke Mines at Pearl Sold for $25,000, January 13, 1903
1903, Great Pearl Mining Camp, April 30, 1903; lists mines and owners
1941, Idahoans Strike, Pearl, Idaho, 65 miners and muckers. .January 17, 1941
1951, Messenger: Pearl, A Colorful Ghost Town
1972, Idaho Statesman, Arthur Hart, Memories of Gold Rush Recall Pearl's Brief Life    photo
1980, Messenger-Index, Canadian Company Explores Pearl
1981, Messenger-Index, Pearl Sinks Further into the Dust    school photo    Headframe photo

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1890 USGS Map, Pearl

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