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"Images of America/Emmett and Gem County," by Julianne Rekow Peterson and the Gem County Historical Society. (available for purchase at the museum) - purchase price $21.99 - The book is also available at The Gem Supply Co-Op and the Triangle. All proceeds so to the museum, thanks to our supportive businesses.

Listed here are some of the books available at the Museum Store. If you are looking for something not listed, call us! We are continously adding to our store inventory.

Don't forget that we must add Idaho sales tax to the prices. If you are not in the area, but would like to purchase from our store, we can arrange that. Please contact us at Gem County Museum or call 208-365-9530.

BEFORE THE SPUD Indians, Buckaroos, and Sheepherders in Pioneer Idaho by Evan E. Filby
History of Newspapers in Gem County, by the Messenger-Index
* * * DVD's* * *
Idaho Ghost Town - A journey through time Smede Marketing Productions, Nampa, ID 30 minutes 19.95
Capital of Light - The People's House Idaho Public Television, Boise, ID   21.95
Emmett & Gem County - A History "from the people who lived it" Smede Marketing Productions, Nampa, ID 30 minutes 19.95
Title Author Publisher Year Price
Gem County, Idaho, Historical Moments, News & Photos (1893-2010); 93 pgs (various) Messenger-Index 2011 9.99
Diamondfield - Finding the Real Jack Davis (softback, 216 pgs., illustrated) Max Black Ridenbaugh Press 2013 $15.00
Classic Cowboy Stories, 18 Extrordinary Tales Michael McCoy The Lyons Press 2004 $11.95
Bunkhouse Build, Guide to making your own gear Leif Videen Mountain Press Publishers 2009 $15.00
Outlaws of the Pacific Northwest Bill Gulick Caxton Press 2005 $18.95
Basin of Gold - Life in Boise Basin, 1862-1890 Arthur A. Hart Idaho City Historical Foundation/Historic Idaho. 2002, 4th printing 83 pages. 10.95
The Enemy Never Came - The Civil War in the Pacific Northwest Scott McArthur Caxton Press 2012 268pg. 18.95
Yellow Wolf - His Own Story L.V. McWhorter Caxton Press 2008, 8th printing. 328 pg. 16.95
Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts - A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist - 2nd Edition (pb, 216 pg) C. G. Yeager Pruett Publishers, Boulder CO 1986, 2000 16.95
Six Decades Back - Early Days on the Snake River Plain (pb, 357pg) Charles Shirley Walgamott, Intr by Leonard J. Arrington 2004 University of Idaho Press 19.95
The Old Man Who Talked to the Trees
A Special Commemortive Editon, Resoration of the Idaho State Capitol (Pb, 63pg)
Diana Baird,
Illustrated by Sharon Harp Gregory
Borderline Publishing 2009 21.95
The Mountain Men - the Dramatic History & Lore of the first Frontiersmen (pb, 246pg) George Laycock Lyons Press, Guilford, Con 1996 14.95
Bleed, Blister, and Purge - A History of Medicine on the American Frontier (pb, 365 pg) Volney Steele, M.D. Mountain Press Pulishing Co. 2005 18.00
Hatchet, Hands & Hoe - Planting the Pioneer Spirit; A Bushel of Practical Nostalgia (pb, 124pg) Erica Calkins Caxton Printers Ltd, 1996 15.95
The Idaho Northern Railway Dale Fisk & Don Dopf Cambridge Litho, Cambridge 2010 $20.00
Roadside Geology of Idaho David D. Alt & Donald W. Hyndman Mountain Press Publishing Co, Missoula MT 1989 $20.00
Gem Minerals of Idaho with Field Trip Maps (pb; 124 pgs) John A. Beckwith Caxton Press, Caldwell, ID 2003 $9.95
Smoke Signals & Wagon Tracks; History of Idaho and the American Northwest Robert D. Bolen Fort Boise Publishing Co, Boise ID 2008 $19.95
Guns of the Old West; An Illustrated History; (pb; 125 pgs) Dean K. Boorman Lyons Press, Guilford, CT 2004 $18.95
Hatchet, Hands & Hoe; Planting the Pioneer Spirit (pb; 120 pgs) Erica Calkins Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 1996 $15.95
The Weiser Indians, Shoshoni Peacemakers (pb; 155 pgs) Hank Corless 1996 $14.95
Idaho Mountains Our Home; The Life Story of Lafe and Emma Cox (pb; 240 pgs.) Lafe & Emma Cox V.O Ranch Books, Cascade ID 1997 $19.95
Roadside History of Idaho (pb; 346 pgs) Betty Derig Mountain Press, Missoula, MT 2005 $18.00
Wild Berries of the West (pb; 221 pgs) Betty B. Derig & Margaret C. Fuller Mountain Press, Missoula, MT 2003 $16.00
Mountain Man (a classic in American West literature and the inspiration for Robert Redford's portrayal in the classic film Jeremiah Johnson.  pb; 351 pgs) Vardis Fisher University of Idaho Press, Moscow, ID 2000 $8.95
The Moon-eyed Appaloosa (pb; 222 pgs) Bill Gulick Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 1962 $12.95
Owyhee Trails; The West's Forgotten Corner (pb; 307 pgs) Mike Hanley Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 1999 $14.95
I Remember... A memoir of Nazi Invasion, Forced Exile and Concentration Camp (Autographed copy; pb; 337 pgs) Lorissa Wilfong Holt Book Lore Publications, Boise ID 2008 $15.00
Stories of Young Pioneers; In Their Own Words; (pb; 225 pgs) Violet T. Kimball Mountain Press Publishing Co, Missoula MT 2000 $14.00
Rediscovered Frontiersman; Timothy Goodale (pb; 299 pgs) James W. McGill Oregon-California Trails Assoc., Independence, MO 2009 $24.95
Massacre at Bear River; First, Worst, Forgotten (pb; 178 pgs) Rod Miller Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 2008 $18.95
Lucretia Ann on the Sagebrush Plains (First printing 1936; pb; 357 pgs) Ruth Gipson Plowhead Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 2001 $18.95
Lucretia Ann in the Golden West (First printing 1935; pb; 295 pgs) Ruth Gipson Plowhead Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 2001 $17.95
Lucretia Ann on the Oregon Trail (First printing 1931; pb; 247 pgs) Ruth Gipson Plowhead Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 1997 $10.95
Idaho's Historic Trails from Lewis and Clark to Railroads (pb) Martin Potucek Caxton Press, Caldwell, ID 2003 $13.95
Competitive Struggle, America's Western Fur Trading Posts, 1764-1865 (pb; 302 pgs) R.G. Robertson Tamarack Books, Boise, ID 1999 $15.00
The Boise Massacre on the Oregon Trail, Attack on the Ward Party in 1854 and Massacres of 1859 (pb; 274 pgs) Donald Shannon Snake Country Publishing, Caldwell, ID 2004 $16.95
The Utter Disaster on the Oregon Trail, A History of the Utter and Van Ornum Massacres of 1860 (pb; 206 pgs) Donald Shannon Snake Country Publishing, Caldwell, ID 1993 $16.95
Southern Idaho Ghost Towns (pb; 135 pgs) Wayne Sparling Caxton Press, Caldwell, ID 1974 $12.95
P is for Potato; An Idaho Alphabet - Illustrated by Jocelyn Slack; (hc) Stan & Joy Steiner Sleeping Bear Press, Chelsea MI 2005 $17.95
It Happened in Idaho (pb; 104 pgs) Randy Stapilus Globe Pequot Press, Guilford CT 2002 $12.95
Massacre Rocks and City of Rocks; 1862 Attacks on Emigrant Trains (pb; 219 pgs) Donald H. Shannon Snake County Publishing; Caldwell ID 2008 $16.95
Sagebrush Country, A Wildflower Sanctuary (pb; 201 pgs) Ronald J. Taylor Mountain Press, Missoula, MT 2005 $14.00
It Happened On the Lewis and Clark Expedition (pb; 108 pgs) Erin H. Turner Globe Pequot Press, Guilford CT 2003 $9.95
Ghost Towns of the Northwest (pb; 311 pgs) Norman D. Weis Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 2006 &17.95
Both Sides of the River; Western Poetry (pb; 50 pgs.) Howard E. Wright Diamond V. Sales; Caldwell ID 1992 $3.00
Idaho: The Fruitful Land (hb; 240 pgs.) George Yost & Dick d'Easum Sims-York Company, Boise ID 1980 $10.00
* * * Cookbooks * * *
The Cowgirl's Cookbook - Recipes for Your Home on the Range Jill Charlotte Stanford TWODOT Publishers, Ct., Mt. 2008 93pg. (illustrated) 9.95
Recipe for Memories from Generations, Ola, Idaho (a collection of recipes from Ola residents past and present - spiral; 122 pgs) Ola, Idaho Fundcraft Publishing, Collierville, TN 2001 $10.00
Food Drying, Pickling and Smoke Curing (spiral, 160 pg) Don and Myrtle Holm Caxton Printers, Ltd 1996 17.95
Matt Braun's Western Cooking (spiral; 177 pgs) Matt Braun Caxton Press, Caldwell ID 1988 $17.95
Sowbelly and Sourdough, Original Recipes from the Trail Drives and Cow Camps of the 1800s (spiral) Scott Gregory Caxton Press, Caldwell, ID 1996 $14.95
Great Meals Dutch Oven Style (spiral) Dale Smith Caxton Press,  Caldwell ID $17.95
Basque Cooking and Lore (spiral) Darcy Williamson Caxton Press, Caldwell, ID 2002 $14.95

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